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Our Little Guide to Wording Your Invitations

How to invite all of your guests to your special day!

Once you've been in touch and chosen or created your beautiful invitations, you need to decide what to write on them. This can be daunting, whether it's dealing with separated parents, day and evening guests, second languages and the dreaded asking for money! We've done it all.

We're here to advise, help and guide you through this process. When we work with you, we can play around to help create your own unique, special way of inviting guests. It's a great way to set the tone of your day.

Ultimately, as long as you have the basics included, it's your choice of what you say. You can share your ideal day with us and we'll be able to guide you towards a solution that works for you

Here are the basics for a good start:

  • Who's hosting/paying for your wedding

  • The request to attend

  • Your names

  • Location of the wedding

  • Date and time

  • Reception information

  • Dress code, if you have one

  • RSVP details

Church Wedding

If you’re going for a traditional wedding in a church, where it is custom for the bride’s parents to host and pay the bill, we’ve come up with a modern example:

Mr & Mrs David Morris
request the pleasure of
[Guest's Name]
at the marriage of their daughter

Mr [Groom]

at St Andrew's Church, Whittlesey, Peterborough,
on Sunday 11th February 2018
at 1pm

and afterwards at
The William Cecil, Stamford, Lincolnshire

R.S.V.P by 1st October 2017 to
[Your names]
33 Flora Road

In it together

However, as with many weddings we’ve had the pleasure of creating invitations for, both families have been contributing, as well as you as a couple! So here are two more examples below:

-- 1 --

Together with their parents
Request the honour of your company
To celebrate their marriage

11 February 2018
One o’clock in the afternoon
At St Andrew’s Church, Whittlesey

Reception to follow at Bassmead Manor Barns

-- 2 --

Together with their parents
Would be delighted if you could join
them at the ceremony of their marriage

11 February 2018
One o’clock in the afternoon
At Bassmead Manor Barns

Followed by drinks, dinner and dancing!
Carriages at midnight

If others are contributing we’d recommend:

Together with their families

Just us… and maybe a weekend break for your guests?

Sometimes it just gets too confusing, or special people aren’t with us anymore who would have been included. Simplicity can be the best way for some couples, so here’s an example that we created for a wedding in Norway:

[Guest names]

You are invited to
Wedding weekend

30 June to 2 July 2017
Askeladdens Hus
Oslo, Norway

We look forward to celebrating our big day with you!


This is a tough one: after all, you need to know your numbers for everything that follows, from catering to favours!

The easiest way to get your reply is by text or email. You can easily set up a wedding Gmail account to ask for replies and keep track by using a Google Drive spreadsheet (you will thank yourself for this!). You can even pass this on to your venue/caterer for easy notes around things like your table plan, guests’ dietary requirements and other special requests.

  • RSVP by December 20 2018

  • Please respond by December 20 2018

  • Kindly reply by December 20 2018

  • Your reply is requested by December 20 2018

Replies can be another opportunity to set the tone of your wedding:

  • Accept or decline box

  • Would love to come! or Regretfully declines

  • Yes, wouldn’t miss it! or Will forever regret this decline

  • Can’t wait! or Can’t make it

  • Wouldn’t miss it for the world! or Sad to miss out

Asking for money as a wedding gift

So the awkward part: trust us, nothing makes this comfortable. You may have lived together for years and don’t need extra pots and pans. You may just want to avoid Aunty Beryl giving you a garish photo frame you definitely didn’t ask for…

A customisable online wedding gift list could be the perfect solution for you (we’d recommend the Wedding Shop, which doesn’t take a cut of what you receive). This will allow you to ask for money towards things like your honeymoon or maybe even a house deposit - basically anything. You can list individual activities if you wish (i.e. a trip to the Statue of Liberty), but in reality the money goes into one pot and you can spend it on what you like at the end.

You can also put specific gifts on there too, so if your guests do wish to buy you a present, at least it’s what you’d like! The best of both worlds.

Song request

This is a fun way to ask about RSVPs and involve your guests, rather than having to badger them for a response! Plus you get a great range of music at your wedding that will have everyone up on the dance floor… (Bride vetoes excepted).


Hand-illustrated wedding maps allow you to include all location information and illustrate where things are in relation to your wedding venue - especially if you’re getting married in a different venue to your reception. This is particularly helpful for out-of-towners who don’t know the area well!