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Best-friend duo based in London specialising in thoughtful wedding stationery

About Us

We first met at Norwich School of Art 10 years ago, bonding over our love of carrot cake, Dinner Ladies, murder mysteries, relaxed duvet days and anything Jane Austen. We’ve been inseparable ever since, and over the past few years have had the pleasure of being able to design wedding stationery for our friends and family.

Then Katie got married! Bride and bridesmaid collaborated on all of the wedding stationery (which you can see on this site), and we were in our element. We enjoyed it so much, in fact, that we decided this was the thing we loved and wanted to do together.

And then Our Little Studio was born...

Katie (by Janey!)...
“Katie is fun and super passionate about her work. She loves balloons, Eurovision, a Royal Wedding and her parents’ gorgeous labrador, Lola. She’s brilliant at turning ideas into stunning designs, has an experienced background in design and typography, and wanted to use her skills doing something she loves.”
Janey (by Katie!)...
“Janey loves postcards, Alfred Hitchcock, Paris and Wimbledon. She thrives with a brief, and knows instantly what works with her amazing artistic eye. She studied Fine Art at university, draws and writes beautifully, and believes every piece of stationery can be an art piece. Janey has ME, and even though she knows how to manage it, it's been a struggle to find a project that will work alongside it. Drawing has been her way of coping with the hard times and an outlet for her creativity.”